Four Social Media Faux Pas Sometimes Initiated by Advocates for the Preborn

We know truth is on our side, so sharing it should be easy, right? Information moves at lightning speed across social media. Such speed lends itself to mistakes and misconceptions that can’t be stopped once they’ve started.

Here are four pro-life blunders that won’t stop haunting us:

1. Sharing graphics that fall short of scientific reality

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Phrases like “Life begins at conception” have been around for decades. Unfortunately, pro-abortion politics get mashed into science once in a while and an ideological nightmare is conceived. Is “conception” the fertilization of an oocyte, or is it implantation of a human embryo? Depending on whom you’re talking to, it can be either one! Furthermore, it excludes human embryonic children who are not “conceived,” namely those embryonic children created in the petri dishes of in vitro fertilization centers and advanced regenerative therapy labs. The reality is that a human being’s life begins at the moment of his creation.


2. Sharing images that fall short of historical reality

The following images have been circulated online ever since the early days of MySpace. In the first picture, a newspaper identifies Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, earning a sieg heil from members at a Ku Klux Klan gathering. The other image shows Margaret Sanger getting “ready to speak” at a KKK rally.

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And they’re fake.


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Although Sanger does describe in her 1938 autobiography a talk she gave to the women’s branch of the KKK in Silver Lake, New Jersey, there are no known photographs of the event. Maybe a moment similar to the fabricated depictions happened, maybe not. Either way, it only damages the pro-life argument when clever Photoshop manipulations are passed as authentic.


3. Announcing the sex of a baby with an "It's a boy/girl" notification

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Balloons are its. Pianos are its. As advocates for the preborn, let’s condition our culture to understand that babies are either hes or shes. After all, it’s the moral relativists who insist that children are mere things that only take on personhood when the parent decides to keep them.


4. Announcing you’re going to be a father/mother/uncle/grandpa/etc. when you’re already one


Why do we celebrate an existing, first-time pregnancy with cards that announce “Happy Birthday, Dad-to-Be”? We acknowledge the baby exists, but for some reason we postpone attributing the parents as “mom” and “dad” until he’s born.  If you’re engaged to be married, then it’s fair to say you’re either a dad-to-be or mom-to-be; but when the pregnancy test proves positive, congratulations, YOU’RE A DAD!

Have you found any pro-life faux pas on social media? E-mail us and let us know.