Forcing Right To Lifers To Win

Just when my coffee had barely reached the point of helping me wake up, I read a news report that riled me beyond belief. I am now wide awake, thanks to Missouri Right to Life's placation of the culture of death.

What am I talking about? Well, in a news report this morning, I read that "Forcing Planned Parenthood clinics in Columbia and Kansas City to close would not stop women in Missouri from getting abortions," according to a Planned Parenthood CEO.

The ruckus started because of a new law in Missouri, designed to regulate abortion centers so that they are applying the same strict standards that do apply in other ambulatory surgical centers in the state. Planned Parenthood claims this law imposes a burden on them and thus some would be forced to close. This is all good news, right!

While Planned Parenthood is appealing the law in court, which is certainly nothing new for them, the fact is that exposing the law and its requirements to the public in the debate format gives average Missourians another chance to think about what really happens during an abortion. 

Regardless of how "safe" the center is, the child will still die. What is safe about that?

But in the final paragraph of the article we read the "wisdom" of Missouri Right to Life in the following words: The new law is not "about ending abortion. It’s not about making it harder to get abortions. It’s about safety."

Dear God in Heaven, what precisely is she saying? Of course it's about ending abortion! And if it's not, then why bother?

What exactly is ever safe about delivering a baby murdered by an abortionist who is doing his work in the same conditions required of any other type of surgical center?

If we pro-lifers really want to end the crime of abortion, why are we talking about making the killing centers safe? How would that have played out in German concentration camps?

I am hard pressed to understand Missouri Right to Life logic, and I think I am very grateful to God for that!