For Obama, Religious Freedom Is Anathema

The hypocrisy of the current administration never ceases to amaze me— or, I should say—frighten me. There are a few things about President Obama that I simply cannot, for the life of me, figure out.
But perhaps among the most crucial is his apparent double standard when it comes to concrete-and-mortar buildings versus babies.

When Obama hosted a White House iftar, described by the Associated Press as “the meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast for Muslims during the month of Ramadan,” he pointedly opined that the American principle of religious freedom dictated that plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero should be allowed to move forward. 

Subsequently, Obama claimed that he was not actually endorsing the idea of building the mosque at Ground Zero but merely reminding the audience that all people have a right to religious freedom that dates back to our nation’s founding. He said the government should “treat everybody equally.”

Oh really? Then why don’t you treat everybody equally, Mr. President?

What about those human embryonic people whose lives are at risk right this very minute because your administration will fight the recent federal court ruling that halted government funding of embryonic stem cell research

Don’t these individual human beings have any rights in this nation? Of course, those of us in the pro-life arena know the answer to that question already. It’s no, they do not.

We know that the Obama administration is absolutely committed to killing the preborn in every way possible, including those deserted embryonic children currently languishing in IVF laboratories nationwide. It’s apparently a matter of personal interpretation when one is addressing the rights we Americans take for granted, including the right to life and to freely express our religious convictions publicly and privately.

This brings up another interesting point about how the Obama administration perceives the human person. It has become painfully clear that, when it comes to teaching young people how to develop self-respect and save sex until marriage, the administration wants no part of it. Recent headlines tell that story too.

It has been reported nationwide that the Obama administration plans to cut funding for abstinence education as it drives toward giving more and more money to those purveyors of porn and promiscuity most people know as Planned Parenthood. While the Office of Management and Budget suggests that abstinence-only programs funded between 2001 and 2009 have not exhibited an outstanding success rate, we understand the political motivation for not providing credibility to any program that doesn’t create a willing customer base for Planned Parenthood. That’s just how things go when the fox is in charge of the hen house, isn’t it?

Right now, as a matter of fact, four states have rejected any money for abstinence-only education programs because if they do request funding for abstinence-only programs, the state has to pay $3.00 for every $4.00 of federal grant money. But … if they apply for funding for the “comprehensive sex education” program known as the Personal Responsibility Education Program, this doesn’t require any funding from the state government.

Hold out that kind of a carrot to financially strapped state governments and watch the rush to get it!

PREP offers students the chance to learn all about contraception, the government’s version of abstinence and how to consider the needs of homosexual students. As the news report said, “Educators following PREP guidelines are not allowed to adopt a moral tone about waiting for marriage to have sex.”

And there it is, folks. What now passes for “religious freedom” is as relative as the morally relativistic opinions of Obama and his administration. The Obama “tone” is all about so-called tolerance, so-called compromise and genuinely godless government. This may not come as a surprise to many who read this, but, to my mind, it’s a sad statement on the times in which we live.

Gather up your children, affirm your love for every citizen's rights—a love that has always set us apart as Americans—and get involved, because I’m here to tell you that religious freedom is now an endangered idea—depending, of course, on whose horse you’re riding these days.