Feminism Gone Awry?

May 22, 2006 09:00 AM

While not astonishing to read of all the new ways pharmaceutical companies have created to do away with natural bodily processes such as female menstruation, it is a bit disconcerting. When I read New Birth Control Products Block Periods, a couple of things occured to me.

First of all, we know from the plethora of research that has already been published that the birth control pill does contribute to a rise in various forms of cancer and does not protect anybody from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. In other words, we know that the basic pill has some pretty awful effects on the woman's long-term health.

Second, we know that the birth control industry is based on the premise that sexual freedom is more important than doing what is right and good for both men and women, whether we are talking about their physical, emotional or spiritual health.

So now that this billion dollar industry has decided that what women really want is not only total sexual freedom but an end to the headaches associated with monthly menses, can we safely assume that the next step could be a total defeminization of the female members of the human race so that, in a sort of female-eunuch state, they become not only automotons for a male's sexual pleasure but actually totally uninhibited in all manner of sexual perversions including those with other women? 

Perhaps the drive to have total "equality" with men has gone a bit too far!

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