FDA must just say no to OTC sale of Plan B

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, issued the following statement regarding the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement today that the group will re-consider Barr Laboratories’ request to make emergency contraception available over the counter for anyone over 18:


American Life League is aghast that the Food and Drug Administration has caved to mounting political pressures regarding the over-the-counter availability of a dangerous drug. Plan B, commonly known as emergency contraception, is a deadly cocktail of drugs that ? even according to its manufacturer ? can act to take the life of newly conceived babies in the days immediately following fertilization. The FDA should not have authorized any use of this risky drug regimen in the first place and it certainly should not make it readily available over the counter.


The FDA, as an arm of the federal government, is supposed to protect its citizens ? not put them at risk for death. While it is disgusting that the FDA has given way to politics, it is not surprising. This particular federal agency has been lying to women for over 40 years regarding the fact that the birth control pill can kill preborn children prior to implantation. It is no secret that this is one of the ways in which the pill works, yet the American public continues to fall for the line that the pill cannot kill a newly-conceived child.

Plan B has also proven dangerous for the women and girls who take it. While the FDA claims the over-the-counter age requirement of 18 would be strictly enforced, this is a near impossible scenario. Time and again organizations such as Planned Parenthood have proven their willingness to bend the rules when it comes to abortion and contraception and there is no guarantee that such rule bending would not take place with Plan B.

American Life League once again implores the FDA to do the right thing and remove this deadly drug from the market at once. The FDA is expected to meet with Barr Pharmaceuticals in the next week to reach a final decision on Plan B’s over the counter status. We urge concerned citizens to contact the FDA immediately and insist that over-the-counter sales of Plan B not be permitted. The FDA can be reached at 888-463-6332 or at www.fda.gov.

Release issued: 31 Jul 06