Facing the Reality of Breast Cancer

The American College of Pediatricians released a statement earlier this month asserting that “abortion appears to be linked to breast cancer.” It continued, “Although the medical community has been reluctant to acknowledge the link, induced abortion prior to a full term delivery, and prior to 32 weeks of gestation, increases the likelihood that a woman will develop breast cancer. This risk is especially increased for adolescents.”

This is the most recent in a growing list of expert medical sources validating the relationship, not only between abortion and breast cancer, but between the pill and breast cancer. Yet abortion proponents—including the mainstream media—continue to give short shrift to the evidence.

Among the most prominent within the abortion community is David A. Grimes, MD, well known for his research in fertility regulation. Grimes refuted this connection in a Huffington Post piece in which he stated, “To claim a link today [between abortion and breast cancer] reflects either a lack of understanding of medical research or intentional misrepresentation of it for ideological purposes. While the former excuse may be forgiven, the latter should not be.”

Wait a minute, Dr. Grimes! Ideological purposes? In case readers are not aware, Grimes has invested his life’s work in making sure women have unfettered access to contraception and abortion! You see, the real ideologues are not those searching for ways in which women can avoid the pain and suffering of breast cancer, but rather those who will protect the golden geese of abortion and contraception without giving any real consideration to the health and welfare of women. Brad Mattes, president of the Life Issues Institute, concurs

Imagine the loss of income to Planned Parenthood should the truth about the ABC link be widely known. Killing babies is their cash cow and they’ll protect it at all costs, even when Komen gets in the way. It’s not about safeguarding the health of women. It’s all about the money.

Let’s examine the clinical evidence a bit further.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute’s fact sheets on abortion and breast cancer state: “The longer a woman is pregnant before an induced abortion, the more cancer-vulnerable Type 1 and Type 2 lobules she will develop, and the higher will be her risk for breast cancer.”

Joel Brind, PhD, a renowned endocrinologist who has been studying the abortion-breast cancer link for years, states: “The first epidemiological study to show a link between induced abortion and breast cancer was published in 1957. In 1996, a research team I headed up published a comprehensive review and meta-analysis of worldwide research on the subject—some 23 studies. Our finding of a statistically significant, 30 percent increase in breast cancer among women who had had an abortion prompted a major, decade-long backlash from many mainstream medical organizations, medical journals, and government public-health ministries.”

And Chris Kahlenborn, MD, of the Polycarp Research Institute, and who has published studies on the topic, has asserted: “Breast cancer is the worldwide leading cancer for women and is the most common cause of cancer death for U.S. women age 20-59. In the U.S. about 175,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually and more than 43,000 women die from this cause. Both induced abortion and oral contraceptive use, especially at a young age, increase a woman’s risk for developing breast cancer.”

It is as clear as the nose on your face, is it not? So many women could be protected from the ravages of breast cancer, but first those in positions of authority must set aside pro-abortion biases and share the facts.

I challenge you to take action!

As pro-life Americans, we genuinely care about every woman and her right to know the real facts about breast cancer. Please make a resolution right now to share this valuable information with as many women as you can—adolescents in particular.  

By spreading these facts far and wide, we will be instrumental in ending the real war on women—both born and preborn.