Face the Facts: Abortion Is Murder

Face the Facts: Abortion Is Murder

Face the Facts: Abortion Is Murder

By Judie Brown

It is always good to begin the New Year with a modicum of sober honesty, and recent events lead me to believe that this cannot occur a moment too soon.

We need only look to the “stars” to understand why we must be stronger than ever in our efforts to build a culture of life amidst the ruins created by those who support the denial of truth.

Nick Cannon, well-known rapper and host of America’s Got Talent, has said that he is not really opposed to abortion, but rather has problems with Planned Parenthood because he views it as an organization involved in “ethnic cleansing.” To be precise, when he wrote and sang what many perceived to be a pro-life song entitled “Can I Live?” in 2005, he was quick to clarify his position on abortion, stating he was not necessarily standing up against abortion, but rather telling his own story and why he was glad his mother did not choose to abort him.

It would seem that Cannon is conflicted about where he stands on abortion. Yet on the subject of Planned Parenthood, his thoughts are not confused at all. He says Planned Parenthood is guilty of population control, “genocide against black people,” and all manner of despicable racist activity. I find it difficult to see how Cannon can be anything but pro-life. Clearly the cultural “stigma” of being pro-life has affected his choice of words, but at least he is on the right path.

On the other hand, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and until recently the star of the Broadway smash Hamilton, has joined his mother and others in supporting Planned Parenthood because of his deeply held convictions on the topic. According to Vibe, Miranda stated: “I woke up with a very pronounced case of moral clarity. . . . In addition to the disappointment, it was like, oh, this does not change the things that I believe in. The things that I believe in that this candidate doesn’t means we’re going to have to fight for them.”

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In addition, Miranda has said: “My mother has her own personal stories with Planned Parenthood. . . . That’s an organization that’s really saved lives time and again. The thing it’s controversial for [abortion] is a very small part of the health services it provides, and so, like I said, this is a way to support something that is so important.”

It is interesting to contemplate the positions of both of these famous individuals and to wonder why there can be so much disparity in thinking and such confusion on the fundamental question of abortion and its consequences.

Miranda believes that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest promoter and sales agency for abortion, actually saves lives! He believes what his mother has told him, of course, and perhaps has taken only a cursory look, if any at all, at the actual facts.

Cannon on the other hand obviously knows the truth about Planned Parenthood, but cannot see why advocacy for the preborn is the only effective way to stop PP and its evil ways.

These men and their statements present our New Year’s challenge: Tell the truth and never back away from it. The only way to bring clarity to the muddied views of such prominent Americans is by praying for them and sharing truth—without apology and without compromise.

Abortion kills a human being; abortion stops a beating heart; abortion at any stage of an individual’s biological development is murder!


Combat the evil with truth! Join American Life League in defiance of the culture of our day—this culture of death. Through your actions and words, become a part of our movement to build a culture of life. Pray, be informed, and educate others.

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For pro-life information, go to all.org.

For pro-life educational tools designed for classrooms and home schooling, RCIA, and more, visit cultureoflifestudies.com.

To see documented proof of Planned Parenthood’s debauchery and to learn ways to stop its spread, go to stopp.org.

To join with youth outreach for a pro-life generation, go to lifedefender.org.

For information on America’s only pro-life high school, Saint Michael the Archangel, visit saintmichaelhs.org.

image: Jorge Gonzalez via Flickr: CC-2.0