Exceptions: Abandoning ‘The Least of These My Brethren'


Should pro-life principle be compromised to make advances in pro-life legislation? In this 30-page booklet, Judie Brown and Bring Young tackle a dangerous distinction between principle and pragmatism in the pro-life movement, a distinction that leads to erroneous exceptions, loopholes, and traps. Despite conventional wisdom, one must not compromise basic convictions for gradual success in politics. The pro-life principle states that all preborn babies are persons, and all persons have the right to life. This booklet explains in clear and simple terms how this principle does not permit exceptions for issues such as rape, incest, or life of the mother, or traps such as measures to establish viability, that is, the point a preborn child is worthy of legal protection. Exceptions masterfully describes how compromising pro-life principle for pro-life legislation is a lose-lose game for both morality and the common good.

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