Evil Is What It Is!

Recently the Philadelphia Bulletin ran an interesting article on the upcoming elections for president. It has been, as you know, a rather surreal experience already, when one considers that among the front runners in the pack there is nary a single truly pro-life candidate.

However the analysis in the Bulletin gets beyond all the rhetoric that is pouring out of partisan camps and politically correct pro-life groups, hammering home the facts as they truly are.   

The reporter explains that many pro-life activists have been "generally disappointed by the overall attention given to the abortion issue by the media and candidates." Of course, yours truly despises the use of the word "issue" because it suggests to the reader that abortion truly is a topic for debate rather than a direct act of murder.

But anyway, one of the people the reporter interviewed is American Life League's own Michael Hichborn, our Director of Media Relations. When I read his statement, as quoted in the story, I immediately instructed our staff to read it carefully and memorize it.

Then it occurred to me to share it with you as well because Michael says it precisely as it is:


Pro-life voters are not going to be content with voting for someone they believe is the lesser of two evils. When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you continually lower the pro-life standard.


That, my friend, is precisely and specifically what is ailing the politically motivated pro-life movement at this present time. Let us be wary of "lesser of two evils" salespeople … they are inviting disaster.