Enshrining Abortion In The Law … Pro-Life Style

The Virginia House of Delegates unanimously passed a bill that punishes mothers who kill "fetuses" unless that mother gets an abortion. In that case, the law does not apply. They claim the law was written because of the infamous Tammy Skinner case. But they fail to explain why there is a difference between paying someone to kill the preborn and doing it yourself.

To put this in plain English, killing a preborn child because the mother does not want the child and thus seeks an abortion is legal, but if that same mother shoots herself in the abdomen, then she has commited a crime. 

Make sense to you?

Oh, and then there are the allegedly pro-life lawmakers in Colordao who have introduced a bill they say cannot pass, but which they claim is like the no-exceptions South Dakota bill. But wait! Their bill contains a life of the mother exception.

Thus it is not a ban, but it does enshrine abortion into the law. Hope it fails to pass. And undoubtedly it will.

When are pro-lifers going to realize that we have to be either against child killing or join the ranks of the pro-choice-to-kill some babies crowd?