Edelin’s Legacy Lauded By Planned Parenthood … Again!

It was rather interesting to read about the fund-raiser for a Planned Parenthood which is in the process of opening an "birth control/education" clinic in Manatee, Florida. Abortionist Kenneth Edelin spoke at the event about what he called being "a voice for doctors and women who want a full array of reproductive health options."

Of course he was speaking about abortion, and as a man who has a distinct history in the abortion industry, I suppose he speaks with some authority. But I am old enough to remember his story, and it frightens me to think that nearly 44 years later the public is being deceived once again.

For those of you not old enough to remember the ghoulish court case involving this abortionist/infanticide practitioner, let me tell you the story.

On October 3, 1973, Edelin, a Boston abortionist, performed an abortion on a 17-year old girl who was 24 weeks pregnant. His saline abortion attempt failed, so he performed a hysterotomy (Cesarian) abortion the next day.

He detached the placenta (cutting off blood oxygenation to the baby) and held the child inside the mother's uterus for three minutes as he watched the clock. Satisfied that the baby was finally dead, he removed it and disposed of it. A pathologist testified that the baby had been able to take at least one breath before Edelin suffocated it.

Edelin was charged and convicted of manslaughter by a jury, but the verdict was thrown out by an appeals court on a minor technicality. It is significant that every major national pro-abortion group rallied to Edelin's defense, and went so far as to pay for most of his court costs. Those organizations that rallied to his defense included Planned Parenthood.

After the conviction was tossed out, Edelin was promoted to the position of chairman of the board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and has narrated several Planned Parenthood videos aimed at teenagers.

It is wise for each pro-lifer to take the time to study history, to realize the extent to which Planned Parenthood is immersed in the grisly practices of abortion and to understand that evil knows no bounds, even when it comes to man who was clearly guilty of infanticide.