Durbin two-step

Senator Richard Durbin, who defines his religious identity as Catholic, is very, very confused. He says that even though he used to oppose abortion consistently, he has come to believe that he can still oppose it privately but really has trouble feeling the same way as a senator.

Why? Well you see when he got to the Senate he found out that some pro-life people oppose family planning too, so he just figured he better stop opposing abortion!

Does that confuse you? Remember, this guy's says he Catholic. Well, anyway, I digress. He also said he never knew pro-lifers opposed abortion in cases of rape and incest. The poor guy was left in such a bewildered state that he decided he just better "honor the Roe v. Wade thinking."

This is a U.S. senator who makes decisions on a daily basis based on … well, we just don't know.

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