Dr Death Vows To Stay In Struggle

It is actually no surprise that Jack "Dr. Death" Kevorkian is once again giving interviews now that he is being relieved of his jail time due to health problems. What is amazing about the story, and the comments made during his interview, is that the media to this very day finds "news" in anything that Kevorkian might have to say.

Don't forget that this is a man who murdered a person and made sure that national television audiences saw his act. He did this, as he had so many times prior, in an effort to legitimize "physician assisted suicide" which is now plainly and frequently discussed in state legislatures, in the media and elsewhere. So even though he paid a price by being sent to jail … finally … for his acts of killing, his goal is being achieved.

What is new about Kevorkian's most recent interview? That in spite of all he did including the commission of a crime that finally put him away, he still has the ear of a media bent on making sure that everyone accepts a "right" to die, regardless of how that death is imposed on the weak and vulnerable in our midst.