Dollars Yes, Babies No

The manufacturer of the so-called emergency contraceptive Plan B, Barr Labs, is claiming that sales of the deadly drug are so successful that nobody should question the value of handing over these pills to women of any age over the counter.

Today the media reports that "the company projects that sales of Plan B will total about $80 million for 2007," which would double the sales of 2006. And, after all, when it comes to the death peddlars, it's all about the money.

Sad to say, it is also never about the truth, which is that Plan B does interfere with pregnancy in its earliest stage, the first week of the child's life. The pill can and does kill preborn babies during their first week of life. The pill can be, as various medical reports have shown, dangerous to women as well.

It is a sad commentary on our times that the federal government persists in denying the truth about the humanity of the preborn child, the dignity of mothers, and the medical facts about deadly practices that murder and maim.

I hope you will let your members of Congress know that when it comes to claiming a pro-life identity, unsweerving support for personhood is the only pro-life position that counts before man and before God. If enough members of Congress truly believed in the sanctity of human life, the deadly Plan B would already have been pulled not only from the shelf but from the drugs available by prescription as well.