Does Plan B really ‘prevent pregnancy’?

"It is a sad fact that propaganda is trampling truth in the debate over the so-called emergency contraceptive pill," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "Proponents of this deadly drug continue to claim these pills reduce abortions by preventing pregnancy. The fact is, this pill can kill a newly-formed human being before he nestles in his mother's womb."

A recent Washington Post article quotes supporters of Plan B – commonly known as emergency contraception – as insisting the drug prevents pregnancy. This statement is based on a definition, used by some in the medical community, which states that pregnancy begins when the embryo implants in the wall of the uterus, an event that generally takes place about a week after fertilization. "The misinformation campaign promoted by the pro-abortion camp is unbelievable," said Brown. "Scientists know that a human being begins at  conception.  Yet many in their community, the media and the culture of death proponents deny the facts in order to dupe women and advance the body count."

One of the ways that the emergency contraception pill acts is by affecting the uterine wall, which can prevent a newly formed human embryo from implanting in the womb. "'Contraception,' as literally defined, does not kill; these pills do. The bottom line is, whether you wish to call it 'abortion' or not, Plan B can kill a newly-created human person," said Brown. "This simple fact should have caused the FDA to deny approval in the first place; it would have, if the FDA were being honest rather than serving as mouthpieces for the pro-abortion cartel. Never in the history of America has a drug that is known to kill people been sold over the counter."

According to Brown, the federal government is complicit in the half truths being sold to the public. "It is the government's duty to educate and protect the American people," said Brown. "American Life League calls on the FDA to tell the truth and immediately remove this deadly drug from the market."