Disconnecting From God’s Call

The ongoing controversy sparked by Michael Vick and his involvement dog fighting and dog killing have generated all sorts of commentary in the media and from the public. Typical of this is a recent letter to the editor I found in USA Today.

The writer says, "It is often said that we shall be judged by how we treat the least among us. Dogs are the most dependent, innocent, vulnerable creatures on earth."

The writer went on to describe Vick's actions as subhuman and said that Vick was unworthy of redemption, at least on the public stage."

I have to admit that I too think that Vick's actions are dastardly, but I feel great sorrow over comments and news reports that place great emphasis on the vulnerability of members of the animal kingdom while ignoring the plight of the preborn. 

I wonder how many letters USA Today has published about the slaughter of the preborn. How many front page stories have they run including pictures of these mutilated babies?

When I read Genesis I hear God telling you and me, most emphatically, that He has created us in His image and likeness and entrusted the care of the earth and all her treasures to us, the ones chosen to be His own. This unique dignity that comes directly from God to human beings is a gift that we will one day have to account for as we stand before Him.

if God loves us enough to entrust the rest of His creation to us, and if we respond to Him by sitting back and being silent about abortion murder while crying from the roof top over the inhumane treatment of animals, what does that say about our culture?

The Vick case became the top story on nightly news broadcasts around the world; the case against abortionist George Tiller rarely made it. Vick killed dogs; Tiller kills human beings.

Perhaps violent actions, which occur in many ways every day in our country, are but examples of how far we have gone away from our calling to be respectful of the dignity of the human person and caring about the world in which we live. 

If it's more comfortable to condemn Michael Vick than it is to condemn the acts of abortionist Tiller, something very foul has crept into our midst.