Despite star power and big money, cloning wrong

“We cannot afford to ignore Missouri at this crucial hour,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “Despite the plethora of political doublespeak surrounding this issue, the November 7 ballot proposal for Amendment 2, if approved, will lead Missourians deep into the culture of death.”

According to Brown, the amendment's backers have taken a conniving approach to persuade Missouri voters to support Amendment 2. “In their sales pitch, they claim their proposal will outlaw human cloning-a statement that can only be described as a bald-faced lie,” said Brown. “The truth is, if Amendment 2 is passed, human cloning for research purposes is going to be constitutionally protected. As long as the scientists who are doing the cloning complete their research and kill the human embryonic child, what they are doing is permitted under this amendment. In actuality, Amendment 2 will protect a policy that is neatly described, in plain English, as ‘clone and kill.’

“Surely that is not what the Missouri voters want enshrined in their state constitution,” said Brown. “The only thing Amendment 2 bans is the type of human cloning which results in a preborn human embryonic baby who is allowed to live longer than 14 days. Thus, the killing of innocent children would still be protected under the state constitution.”

Supporters of the proposal insinuate that Amendment 2 holds the key to medical breakthroughs and cures. “Once again, these people are stretching the truth,” said Brown. “The fact is that human embryonic stem cell research has provided no such breakthroughs and no such cures. It has only provided a platform for delivering false promises to seriously ill patients.

“While my heart goes out to those who suffer from such ailments as Parkinson’s disease, we cannot allow innocent human beings to be killed so that others might experience a false hope of some day being cured from a mythical promise that has no basis in fact,” she said. “There is no doubt Missouri is going to either set the example for the nation on how to beat back the evil empire of biotech doublespeak, or it is going to fall prey to the manipulative appeal of a proposal that shows no respect for the sacredness of every life.”

Release issued: 27 Oct 06