Defunding Planned Parenthood Vote Exposes Anti-Life Bile

It is astounding to read the words of pro-abortion Catholic, Frances Kissling, who recently wrote,  

Pro-choice advocates have good reason to oppose legislation that restricts abortion in any way, but unfortunately we’re not going to regain the ground we have lost. What we must do is stop holding on to a strategy that isn’t working, and one that is making the legal right to abortion more vulnerable than ever before. 

We can no longer pretend the fetus is invisible. We can no longer seek to banish the state from our lives, but rather need to engage its power to improve women’s lives. We must end the fiction that an abortion at 26 weeks is no different from one at six weeks. 

What is most surprising about this woman’s editorial is not that she invites her colleagues to examine their tactics and rhetoric, but that she suggests that pro-aborts need to “clearly reject” post-viability abortions “except in extreme cases.” In her enumeration of what those cases might be she includes cases where the mother’s life is at risk, the baby is suffering conditions that are “incompatible” with a “good quality of life,” or when a woman’s health is endangered. Note the word “health.”

While Kissling appears to be recommending that her fellow culture of death devotees should oppose “post-viability” abortion, she is actually saying quite the opposite. She is probably banking on the theory that most Americans don’t know that “health of the mother” abortions were enshrined in 1973 within the context of the Doe v. Bolton decision. She doesn’t want to explain what “health of the mother” actually means in terms of procured abortion. Here’s why.

The term “health of the mother” refers to abortions that, according to the expectant mother’s doctor, are needed due to factors including physical, emotional, psychological, familial and the woman’s age—anything considered to be relevant to the woman’s well-being. In other words, abortion on demand.

Kissling’s most recent invitation to take back the “moral high ground” was inspired by the historic vote in the House of Representatives, stripping all funding from America’s number one abortion profiteer, Planned Parenthood. Lest you think otherwise, Kissling is not alone in her less-than-honest tactics. 

During the debate regarding the defunding of Planned Parenthood, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) addressed the House with comments that hushed the audience. Speier admitted to having the same “procedure” that was described by New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith (R) when he detailed an abortion. You may remember the name Jackie Speier, for she and her boss, Congressman Leo Ryan, were ambushed in Port Kaituma in 1978, when investigating Jim Jones’ compound. Ryan and four others were killed and Speier was shot five times. Since then, she has aspired to a career in politics. 

Yet on the House floor the night before the vote on the Pence Amendment, Speier claimed she had an abortion. She was obviously attempting to use her own tragedy to equate the D&C used in her case with the same use of the D&C for procured abortion. Speier told a reporter, “This was a wanted pregnancy, it was the second miscarriage I had had.”

The Dilation and Curettage (D&C) procedure described by Congressman Smith can be done for ethical reasons such as stopping excessive menstrual bleeding, cleaning out the uterine cavity after a miscarriage, and so forth. The same procedure can be used to end the life of a preborn child during the first 12 to 15 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, while the D&C is a proper procedure after miscarriage to make certain that the uterine cavity is fully emptied of the remains of the miscarriage, the same action can kill a preborn child.

How many members of Congress discerned the difference? How many of them knew that her tragic experience aside, Speier has a 100 percent vote rating from NARAL?  It is not true that Speier’s personal tragedy and the needed surgery after the miscarriage equates with a surgical abortion. 

But as we know all too well, when a pro-abortion sacred cow like Planned Parenthood is in danger of losing taxpayer dollars to fund its work, facts can be twisted and thus become political fodder for convincing others that abortion is a good thing.

Yes, I call such fraudulent rhetoric, bile. There’s no better word to describe such vitriol. Women like Kissling and Speier detest the preborn; they are opposed to human rights for the most vulnerable in our midst and they will do anything to convince Americans that abortion is a right rather than the act of killing that it in fact is!


1. Now that this matter moves to the United States Senate, make sure your Senators know the truth. 

2. Share the shocking LIVE ACTION videos with them. 

3. Contact your Senators at and urge strong support for the House-approved continuing resolution defunding Planned Parenthood.

4. Pray that the Senators vote to take our tax dollars away from America’s evil empire—Planned Parenthood!