Deception leads Missourians to pass Amendment 2

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, issued the following statement regarding the passage of Missouri's Amendment 2, which will allow for further destruction of human beings through embryonic stem cell research:


We are profoundly disappointed that the state of Missouri, with the passage of Amendment 2, will now allow the categorical destruction of innocent human beings through cloning and embryonic stem cell research. While pro-lifers in the 'Show Me' state worked tirelessly to defeat this deadly constitutional amendment, the opposition pulled out all stops and employed dangerous propaganda in its effort to pass the law.


For the past several months we have watched the proponents of Amendment 2 slither through the state of Missouri, never telling the truth about what the Amendment actually said. They said it would ban human cloning, but now Missouri will be cloning human embryos, experimenting on them and then killing them. They said that human embryonic stem cell research would benefit those who suffer from tragic diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease. And yet we all know that not a single success story can be related to the killing of human embryos for human embryonic stem cell research.

Unfortunately, misguided supporters of Amendment 2 have now helped to usher in an era of death in Missouri under the false claim of helping vulnerable members of society. On the contrary, the most vulnerable ? the innocent embryonic child ? is now at greater risk than ever before.

It is our sincere prayer that Missourians will persist in their fight to protect all innocent human beings ? born and preborn. We further hope that this Amendment will be found unconstitutional in the Missouri courts and that the people of the state will take firm, determined action to undo this terrible injustice.


Release issued: 8 Nov 06