Deception connection

Planned Parenthood in Missoula, Montana is no longer providing "surgical" abortions and claims they are confident that Missoula's Blue Mountain clinic will be able to pick up the slack. But, not to worry; Missoula Planned Parenthood will continue to end the lives of innocent preborn children using medical and chemical means. It seems that mothers seeking to surgically end the lives of their children were not paying for the "service" and it wound up costing Planned Parenthood money, so a business decision was made to discontinue the surgical killing.

Which brings up a rather interesting point. If Planned Parenthood were truly dedicated to "justice" and "equality" for all including the poor, why would money be an obstacle? Why not provide charity to the needy by providing free abortions for the downtrodden? Well, the fact is, Planned Parenthood is a multi-million dollar business, and their actual commitment is to the dollar bill.

Stay tuned; we think Planned Parenthood is on the decline … we are doing all we can to make that slide as quick as possible.