Death Takes No Holiday

We note that while all of us at American Life League took the time to celebrate the birth of Christ with our families and loved ones, others were busy promoting, affirming and otherwise advancing the culture of death.

The following example shows clearly that the devil never sleeps.

On December 21, for example, it was discovered that the allegedly Catholic Catholic Health Care Association had posted a commentary on its web site claiming that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's statement on providing nutrition and hydration to patients has a very narrow application. In other words, if a patient suffers from Alheimer's, for example, he or she can still be starved to death!

I admire the response that attorney Matt Bowman provided to this inane commentary by John Hardt and Father Kevin O'Rourke. Bowman said, "Theologians on the wrong side of these debates arenot satisfied with church clarifications. The theologians on CHA's web site claim that the mere 'psychic burden' of being cognitively disabled, and the related 'burden upon the loved ones giving care,' justifies withholding tube feeding and thereby causing death by starvation."

Good Lord! As we commemorate the Feast of the Holy Innocents tomorrow, and reflect on the vile nature of Herod's deadly order regarding baby boys under the age of two, perhaps we should ask a special favor of those holy innocents: to intercede on behalf of those within the Catholic Church who call evil good and good evil!