Death and Destruction

I have been travelling in Eastern Europe for the past two weeks and have been somewhat out of touch with news, but during a conversation with a young Hungarian mom, the reality of why we are pro-life really struck home.

She explained that Hungary's married couples are producing approximately 1.2 children per couple, and said ,"It is really hard to produce that point two child."

So because I am who I am, I asked her, during a break in the tour she was guiding, why she did not apologize for the sad state of affairs in her country due to the fact that married couples were not having large families.

She looked aghast, as though I might be from Mars, and she said, "Hungary cares about the environment."

Whenever you wonder why we pro-lifers have to be so very positive about our support for large families, for the babies and for marriage dedicated to God, remember what I have just told you.

As I said to this young, single woman, "If the Hungarian population continues to decrease, and if couples fail to have the number of children God has in mind for them, your country will not only cease to exist, but it will fall into complete ruin."

I said this to her because Hungary has survived the Nazis, and the Russians, but might yet fall forever more beause of the evil propagated by the population controllers.  Let us pray for Hungary and for the United States, the nation that is exporting this twisted view of marriage and family.