Death after abortion

Dr. David Reardon of the Elliot Institute reports that a group of international health experts have published a study disclosing that 94 percent of maternal deaths associated with abortion are not identifiable from death certificates alone. Proper tracking requires that death certificates be paired with the woman's complete medical history. When pregnancy history is studied, pevious assumptions about abortion safety are obliterated.

Now it would seem that America's National Institutes of Health Centers for Disease Control may finally have to admit that pandering to the abortion industry has been a fatal error.

Reardon points out that what was previously assumed, that the death rate associated with surgical abortion was one-sixth of that of childbirth, is erroneous. The new research indicates that the death rate associated with abortion is at least three times higher than that of childbirth.

We hope that this latest research gives those in the position of framing public policy the opportunity to see through the myth that has for so long undergirded abortion services: that "abortion is safer than childbirth." Abortion is never safe for the baby and clearly it is not safe for the mother either.

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