Dear Archbishop Vlazny

We are astounded to hear that the archbishop of Portland Oregon has publicly endorsed Measure 43.

Measure 43 will make it legal for a grandparent, once notified, to go along with the aborting of his or her very own grandchild. What Measure 43 does is acknowledge the legitimacy of the Roe v. Wade decision while condoning the idea that a grandparent need only be notified prior to the abortion of a grandchild.

Some describe Measure 43 as pro-life, an "incremental" step. I call it a total sell out. As long as pro-life politicial strategists continue to devise legislative measures that acknowledge a right to abortion and merely place meaningless restrictions on the commission of prenatal murder, babies are going to continue to die under cover of law.

Let us pray for Portland Oregon's archbishop and all the voters of that state. God save the babies from their friends.