Cry Babies

It is really amazing to me that when the pro-abortion crowd is not getting their way, they always sue somebody. It's as though they think that the lawsuit threat is going to send us all scurrying away.

The latest such action is downright silly. South Dakota's pro-life leader Leslee Unruh, the brains behind the effort to protect South Dakota's abortion ban, is being sued. Well, not personally, but two other non-profit pro-life groups she founded are being sued, and of course Leslee is the common denominator and the reason for the suit.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint against Alpha Center, a pro-life pregnancy resource center, and National Abstinence Clearing House. The complaint alleges that the two non-profit groups violated federal law by lobbying. The fact is Leslee Unruh is wearing three hats, doing a fabulous job of it, and getting in the way of the pro-death plans for South Dakota. Thus, a lawsuit.

This is precisely the sort of thing one has come to expect from the leftist establishment any time pro-life efforts are perceived as succeeding. The trouble with this tired tactic is that pro-life people never back down. Ask Joe Scheidler.