Crash a Pro-Abortion Hashtag Party

March 2, 2018 09:00 AM

March 2 is the radical feminist observance of #SheDecidesDay. The social media campaign is designed to advance a global effort to promote the killing of preborn children as a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, even though our bodies begin at the moment of our creation. But, you know, science and logical consistency aren’t the strong suits of crazed feminist movements.


So Priests for Life sent out a pro-life call to disrupt and take over Friday’s pro-abortion hashtag campaign:


On Friday, pro-abortion activists will “celebrate” #SheDecidesDay promoting access to the violence of abortion with a social media campaign and actions in select locations around the world through what organizers describe as a “global movement” that now claims to be about more than abortion. The expansion of focus was likely brought on by the realization that a majority of donors want to save, not destroy, lives.


The pro-life movement has shown that we are stronger, louder, and more effective on social media, especially Twitter. On Friday, March 2, we will once again eclipse the darkness with light. 


You can read PFL’s Action Alert at


Priests for Life suggests copying and pasting some of the following messages to your Facebook and Twitter accounts:


When #SheDecides to choose life, anything is possible. #abortion is a dead end.


#SheDecides tells women they cannot be free unless they end the lives of their own flesh and blood. That’s a lie and a disservice to humanity. 


If #SheDecides on #adoption over #abortion, she gives the most precious gift to her child, the adoptive parents, & herself #ChooseLife #prolife. 


When #SheDecides to #ChooseLife, miracles can happen.


Her right to do what she wants with her body ends when #shedecides to harm another human person. 


When #shedecides to embrace life and reject #abortion, she decides to stand for all women.


When #shedecides to end her pregnancy with #abortion, it does end the fact that she is a mother. She is now the mother of a dead child.


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