Cows And Chemical Coat Hangers

Anna Anderson, the executive director of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County, Wisconsin, and is a friend of  Stephenson County Right to Life Pro-Life Corner in Freeport, Illinois. We can vouch for the integrity of this wonderful grassroots organization, which has been there, helping mothers and their babies, and providing good material to American Life League for years! They are part of our family, and we are proud to be able to shed a spotlight on them, but certainly not proud of what they have uncovered.

It seems that the American Animal Hospital Association made mention of a practice that astounded us and clearly raised the eyebrows of many pro-life Americans in Wisconsin when they first heard of it. It's one of those reports that you just know has to be a hoax. Well, it isn't. The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association  have been monitoring this issue. This is the report from AAHA

Report: Teenagers Taking Medication Used to Induce Abortions in Cows

The Wisconsin VMA executive director contacted the AVMA about reports that teenagers were using a "medication meant to induce abortions in cows" to abort unwanted pregnancies and avoid parental knowledge or the cost of an abortion.

The drugs mentioned included prostaglandins, Cystorelin, Factrel, Gonadorelin and Lutalyse. The WVMA executive director contacted the district school nurse, who verified that the district has received reports of this abuse.

Whether or not these reports prove to be true, this situation underscores the need for veterinarians to remain vigilant about storing, distributing, prescribing and using veterinary products that can pose human health risks.

In addition, food animal producers must be vigilant about all veterinary drugs they may be storing or using at their facilities.

When we first heard of this, our Celebrate Life editor, Stephanie Hopping, made note of the fact that this report "illustrates that decriminalized abortion does not stop highly dangerous abortion methods like this. In fact, it probably encourages the use of them mightily, because this is hardly different from an RU-486 abortion, except that it isn't done under medical supervision, so if there is any criminal offense involved, many judges these days would probably give the offenders next to nothing as a sentence or let them off the hook completely. Now, if abortion were illegal and there were stiff penalties attached to it, doesn't it seem likely that these kids would think twice before doing something like this?"

And that is the point. Young people hear that there are chemicals available in a farmer's barn that can cause an abortion through the 10th week of pregnancy. And they have also heard that if such chemicals are paid for, the cost can be prohibitive.

Such chemicals, mifepristone (RU-486) being the most popular, are abortive and do kill, but they are marketed as being "easier" on the mother who does not want to carry her baby to term. The web site for the drug affords easy access to doctor's offices where a "medical abortion" can be provided. "Medical abortion" is the clinical term applied to those abortion drugs that are specifically designed to abort up to eight or 10 weeks after the preborn child's life begins. Such drugs differ from those chemicals like the birth control pill that may abort during the first eight days of life depending on whether or not the woman ingesting the pills conceives or not.

But a teenager who is trying to hide the truth from her parents, and knows that the local farmer has a drug that is going to take care of her "problem," could not only succeed in killing her baby, but could kill herself. The culture of death would shed not a tear, of course, but for those of us who struggle to restore moral sanity to America, a report like this sends shivers down our spines. But enough from me. Here is Anna Anderson. She will now share, in her own words, the tragic details of the dangerous and barbaric practice teens  from Monroe, Wisconsin, a close-knit farming community, are using as they ingest abortion drugs designed for cows:

I am writing this letter to alert the public of a deadly practice in which our high school youth and possibly our middle school students are engaging. Although I just learned of this, it has been going on at least since this past summer when a young "hired" man in our area gave a girl a medication meant to (among other uses) induce abortions in cows and horses to cause her to abort their child. This drug is injected into cows and horses but the girl drank a large dose of it. I spoke with veterinarians, physicians, and poison control staff to find out the potential consequences of pregnant human females consuming this drug. This is a very deadly drug for fetuses. According to a local veterinarian, pregnant women are not even supposed to handle the bottles in which it is stored unless they are wearing gloves. Needless to say this girl lost the baby. The drug consists of a high concentration of hormones so human ingestion of it is not poisonous to the girls but it is deadly to the developing fetus and has potentially deadly consequences for the girls.

The news of this young couple's success in aborting their baby has spread through the Monroe High School and possibly elsewhere, which has resulted in other pregnant girls obtaining and consuming this drug in order to abort their unborn babies. Some of the girls who are taking the drug are much further along in their pregnancies than the original girl. This is resulting in life-threatening complications for the pregnant girls when the drug successfully results in the placenta pulling away from the uterine wall; the baby being starved; the baby then dying; which results in spotting and uterine contractions followed by an abortion of the baby. In these more advanced pregnancies, these girls could potentially bleed to death or have a life-threatening systemic infection if the uterus is not completely emptied of the baby and other pregnancy tissues. In addition, one physician said that there could be clotting issues because of this drug. Another physician said these drugs can cause health concerns for asthmatics.

These girls do not want to go to the emergency room or any other medical provider because they know the medical facility will eventually bill their parents and their parents will discover that they were pregnant. In many cases, the reason they are taking the drug is to prevent their parents from finding out about the pregnancy. Others take it without the father of the child even knowing. When these girls have life-threatening complications, they do not discuss any of this with their parents so the parents do not know to rush them to an emergency room. Girls (and obviously their babies) are going to be dying because of this. Babies have already died because of it.

If this is going on at our high school, chances are that it is happening at other high schools as well – especially in rural agricultural areas. Unsuspecting parents and anyone else who might be in a position to help these girls and stop this deadly practice need to be aware of this "drug abuse" among area teens. This drug is not a "controlled substance." It can be purchased from a number of different sources. It is sold under names such as Prostaglandins, Cystorelin, Factrel, Gonadorelin, and Lutalyse and most likely readily available on the majority of beef and dairy farms as well as horse operations.

I would strongly encourage farmers or anyone else with these drugs in their possession to keep them locked safely away where teens and "twenty-somethings" cannot access them. Even if the farmers do not have teens of [their] own, they might have hired help that will provide this drug to their friends and/or girlfriends. In addition, it is not just teens. Men in their twenties are routinely engaging in sexual activity with young girls in their teens, some of whom then give this drug to the girls to abort the babies that result from these sexual encounters.

Please help spread the word about this deadly practice before more babies and possibly teens die.
Anna Anderson
Executive Director – Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County
Anna can be reached at: