Courageous Honesty

The following letter to the editor from pro-life mom Darla Meyers of Hudson, Wisconsin speaks for itself:

Dear Editor,

On Christmas Eve Day of 2001, Santa Claus found my son at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul because he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes – most people know this disease as juvenile diabetes.

Pro-death Gov. Doyle stated (in response to President Bush’s veto of expanding federal funding of human stem cell extermination): “In spite of the action taken by President Bush last week that flies in the face of what the Congress and what the public wants, we will not turn our backs on the countless families who hope that science may one day unlock the cures to diseases long thought incurable.”

Had Gov. Doyle spoken to our family, he would have learned that not all families believe that other children should be killed for human embryonic stem cell experimentation and extermination. Ethical adult stem cell research holds promise and has provided cures for diseases. Human embryonic stem cell extermination has provided no cures and no promise. If ethical adult stem cell research has provided cures, why do we need to kill vulnerable babies?

My son has to poke his finger sometimes 10 times a day for blood tests, and he has to have at least five-six insulin injections per day. Killing other living humans for medical extermination, no matter how small, is murder. We have prisons for murderers; but yet, killers of the smallest and most vulnerable amongst us simply change killing words to “medical research” and expect taxpayers to approve of and pay for these murders.

In the recent past, there were those who killed others for medical experimentation and extermination. They were called Nazis. In the book “The Holocaust Chronicle,” many prominent people tried to warn the world of the Nazi atrocities and killings. Sadly, those warnings fell on deaf ears. Will we repeat the Holocaust history?

Listen to these words of the exterminators: “They’re going to die anyway,” “They’re waste,” “Nobody wants them,” “They’re less than human,” “They’re not human.” Think these are words of the Nazis? Wrong. These words are commonly used to defend the extermination of human embryos. After discovering and believing the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, many people said, “Never again.”

Gov. Doyle, we say, “Never again!”