Connecticut Bishops Redux

It seems that the Connecticut Catholic Bishops have circled the wagons and are now presenting arguments in defense of the decision to provide Plan B, the abortive chemical, to sexual assault victims in Catholic hospitals.  This compounds an already disastrous situation, and so i am taking a moment clarify things by quoting Bishop William Lori from his blog followed by our response.

#1  The bishop says "there is uncertainty about how Plan B worls."

The fact is there is no uncertainty about how Plan B works, which is why the Pontifical Academy for Life pointed out years ago that the chemical was abortive and therefore could never be used.

#2  The bishop says this "is not a matter of settled Church teaching and practice."

The Catholic teaching that contraception is evil and sinful for the Catholic who understands Church teaching on this subject has never changed, nor is there any exception in that teaching.  Thus we conclude that this matter is settled, regardless of how a specific chemical or device works or whether or not the situation involves criminal acts.

#3  The bishop says that administering an "ovulation test" is best when added to the administration of a pregnancy test.

Ovulation tests that are currently on the market are designed to be used by couples who are attempting to either conceive or avoid conceiving, and are designed to help the couple acheive their goal. Such tests are not designed to be used when treating a woman whose entire body has been traumatized by a violent sexual assault, nor would they be one hundred percent accurate in either case.

We mean no disrespect by point these facts out, but rather we hope that through this fog, double talk and rhetorical activity some good will come of what is now, on its face, a very tragic decision that has been made in Connecticut.

Let us pray for clarity of thought, based on what is good and of God in all things. May His will be done.