Conflicting Words

It is encouraging to take note of the recent editorial in St. Louis Today entitled “Urge to redefine.” 

Apparently the editorial writer is downright furious with pro-life legislators in that state who are attempting to correct erroneous semantics that currently make it hard to understand what the word “abortion” really means. I love it when this happens.

First of all State Representative Edgar Emery has introduced House Bill 1625 which, of all things, would define the word “abortifacient” to include the morning after pill. Well, praise God for Emery. It’s about time lawmakers took the initiative to call things by their proper name. Plan B is an abortifacient—it can kill an innocent preborn child prior to implantation. It is not merely a high powered “contraceptive” pill. In fact, if Emery were really courageous, he would include all birth control pills in the definition, but we pray that will come in time.

Anyway, the writer opines that the new definition would come as a surprise to doctors and the FDA! Well, let’s hope so since the FDA manipulated the definition in the first place and has been at the forefront of lying to women for over 40 years.

But here’s the real gem in the editorial:

The FDA explains ‘Plan B will not do anything to a fertilized egg already attached to the uterus.

Oh my goodness! This is the most ignorant statement I have ever seen. Apparently there are people at the FDA who do not understand basic biology, and these are the people approving the drugs we all rely on when we are ill? Goodness, gracious—it’s worse than I thought!

So here’s the correct biology:

Zygote: the individual that develops from the union of a sperm and an ovum (1-3 days)

Morula: The solid mass of blastomeres resulting from the early cleavage divisions of the zygote (3-4 days)

Blastocyst: The modified blastula stage of the human embryo consisting of the inner cell mass and a thin trophoblast layer (5-7 days)

Embryo:  the developing organism from conception until approximately the end of the second month including the zygote, morula and blastocyst stages

Fetus: the preborn individual from the end of the eighth week to the moment of birth

You see, by the time the embryonic child is ready to implant in his mother’s womb he is a full-fledged embryo, not a “fertilized egg.” In fact “fertilized egg” is a term used by our opponents to dehumanize that little person during his first days of life. It’s very hard to think of “egg” in the same way one things of “person.”

That’s why we all have to be so careful about the words we use in our pro-life writing and talking.

Getting back to this writer, it occurs to me that when the pro-abortion zealots who write columns like the one to which I referred in the beginning of this blog are so upset they lose their ability to think logically and make coherent statements, we are winning.

I encourage you to read the entire editorial, because you will find out that lawmakers in Missouri are hard at work striving to restore at least rhetorical sanity to the laws of that great state, and for this we should be most happy.