Condom Conditioning

As the media continue to misrepresent the Vatican's position on condom use when one of two spouses is infected with the AIDS virus, it is refreshing to note that a Vatican consultor, Msgr. Michel Schooyans, makes it perfectly clear that any revision of Vatican policy in condoms is highly unlikely. In a barely reported news item, No New Statement on Condoms Likely, Vatican Expert Says, Msgr. Schooyans clarifies that no updated statement on condoms has even been requested by any of the officials in the Vatican.

Perhaps this is why Planned Parenthood is having a field day attacking Catholic teaching and exposing its own special brand of misrepresentation by insisting that a change in Church teaching is not far off. Don't believe me? Well, you can read The Church and Condom Sense on Planned Parenthood's web site and see for yourself.

One thing seems clear. Because Catholic teaching is unshakable, unchangeable and unaffected by the culture of death, many are dedicated at all costs to deceiving the public no matter what the cost in human lives.