Complacency is our greatest enemy

By Rey Flores

When I used to do community organizing work in Chicago, yes I did say community organizing in Chicago, I quickly learned that it was all for naught.

Many of the organizations which claimed to be fighting against this or that or another injustice were often all talk and no action. Don’t get me wrong. There was a lot of action in terms of rallies, protests, and bussing countless poor people to the state capitol at least once a year to pose for pictures with political allies.

The problem is that the actions and activities were just for show. At the end of the day, the affected people were only used as props in a sick game of false and empty social justice—which only served to perpetuate the relevance of the community organizers.

If any of the social injustices they purported to be fighting against were truly eradicated, then there would no longer be a need for the busybody community organizers who are nothing more than parasites profiting off of pimping the poor as a means to their selfish ends.

There is a great difference between “empowerment,” which is a favorite word among community organizers, and “enablement,” which is what the organizers actually did.

They have enabled poor people to embrace victimhood and have sentenced them to the very same bondage they claim to be freeing them from.


Having said all of this, I challenge all of us doing battle to defend life to never fall for these same traps. We must never become complacent and get “comfortable” in our work.

Unlike the community organizers, our work is to end the injustice of abortion. Period. Our complacency would only be our admission that we have accepted abortion because it keeps us busy and, in some cases, paid and working.

While we may see our goal to defend life as an entirely different animal, in reality it is the ultimate fight against the ultimate injustice. We may be community organizers for life, but more accurately we are warriors for life!

I won’t even refer to our work as “the pro-life movement” because it isn’t so much a movement as it is a true and bloody war. Millions of innocents have been murdered and the war is far from over.

Each day that we do battle is a new challenge for us to ask ourselves What more can we do? How can we think and act outside the box and come up with new, creative, and more effective ways to win this war?

We already do a terrific job of empowering men and women with the truth about abortion, contraception, and the overall culture of death.

There is no doubt that many strides have been made, but at the end of the day, thousands of innocent babies are still being slaughtered through chemical and surgical abortions. The lies are being peddled and many are continuing to fall into those same “culture of death” traps.

I leave you with one more question: What else can we collaborate on together to end abortion?

Rey Flores is the director of outreach at American Life League and can be reached at [email protected]