Church Lady? That’s Me!!

Planned Parenthood has made it a habit of providing their followers with the most scurrilous attacks they can find on a number of pro-life leaders including yours truly. So how could we have been schocked when we saw a front page headline, "The Church Lady Speaks" and photos of yours truly next to a picture of Dana Carvey as SNL's "Church Lady" of years past.

The funny thing about the article, however, is that while attacking principle with everything they could think of, including direct dismissal of God's will, they make many points that work in our favor.

For example, "This is the universe of Judie Brown. Sexual expression destroys the lives of all who are not married — in a marriage blessed and ordained by God — and prepared for any sexual act to result in the birth of a child."

I think the writers thought that everyone who reads their drivel would think of us as morons, but having heard from a few people who have taken the time to read the entire article, one might say the writer has skewered his own twisted view of things sexual by giving a fairly balanaced account of our opinions.

At any rate, the photos are worth a laugh.