Choosing Genetic Defects

Though I found it hard to believe, the medical journal, Fertility and Sterility is about to publish a study describing the way preimplantation genetic diagnosis is being used to assure that the desire of potential parents to have children with genetic defects is confirmed.

The New York Times reports, "Controlling a child's genetic makeup, even to preserve what some would consider a disease, is the latest tactic of parents in an increasingly globalized society where identity seems besieged and in need of aggressive preservation. … the use of P.G.D. to select for deafness may be merely another ritual to ensure that one's children carry on a cultural bloodline."

If this sounds outrageous to you, recall that when in vitro fertilization was in its experimental phase the idea was to use a laboratory to create what some felt God had messed up by rendering certain people sterile. Is it any wonder then that man is now choosing to assure an eternal future for his own identity in the very genetic makeup of his special-order human embryonic children?

When man plays God, man always loses.