Chilling Reality: America’s Soul Has Atrophied

After the gruesome find in the Dumpster behind abortionist Alberto Hodari’s Woman Care facility in Livonia, Michigan, one might wonder if anything more heinous would ever be found.

Could you ever have imagined that yet another abortionist would be doing the same thing? Well he was and we know all about it now, thanks to the sacrificial efforts of our friends at Citizens for a Pro Life Society. The founder, Dr. Monica Miller, persists in her efforts to unmask the ghoulish men and women who call themselves doctors while making their money killing innocent preborn children.

What Dr. Miller and her co-workers most recently discovered is not only bone chilling but also a somber reminder of the total disregard for the rights of an entire class of human beings – children who are not yet born. As Dr. Miller’s web site reveals:

Lynn Mills and Jenny Nelson, of Detroit, MI, were the first to discover bio-hazard waste in a search of the Women's Advisory Dumpster on March 29, 2008. Mills and Nelson, with members of Citizens for a Pro-life Society continued the searches on April 5, 12, 19, 24 and May 3, 2008. Monica Migliorino Miller filed a Police Report with the Livonia Police Department that details the Dumpster findings.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality conducted its own investigation of the Women's Advisory Dumpster on April 30, 2008. Dr. Reginald Sharpe has received only a warning! No fines, no penalties! It's Hodari all over again! It still remains to be seen if the Wayne County prosecutor will act on the illegal dumping of the patient records.

Miller explains: "When we found these aborted babies in the trash – they shared what could have been their final resting place with the most despicable waste – the bloody canulas, the bloody surgical paper, bloody gauze and gloves, half-eaten McDonald's food, pop bottles and juice box containers. You have to see the You Tube video to know what we are talking about. THIS IS ABORTION IN AMERICA; human beings killed under the law and treated like trash! The Discards, the Unwanted, the Throw-aways!

On the web site from which this quote was taken you can also see a video of the body parts that were found, narrated by Dr. Miller. But I warn you: Be prepared for the horror you will see before you click to watch it.

Seeing the pictures of a gruesome discovery such as this most recent one may make us nauseous, but it should also make each of us fearful of the obvious death grip the devil has on our culture.

We are told that the bodies of the babies found behind Reginald Sharpe’s Livonia, Michigan abortion facility are legally defined as bio-hazard waste and are treated as such. We also know that as long ago as 2005 Sharpe "started a late term abortion" and then walked out on his patient, leaving her to bleed so severely that if the patient’s mother had not delivered the dead baby and called for help, the young woman might have died. Was his patient any more important to him than the preborn child he killed?

Sharpe is still practicing.

As far as Hodari’s tiny victims are concerned, we are grateful to Bishop John Quinn, who offered a funeral Mass on May 3 for those 18 dead children. We pray that the remains of these most recent victims will be treated with equal respect.

Finally, we know we must stop and take time to grieve the loss of children whose parents clearly believed they were disposable in much the same way that rotting garbage would be. We must also pray for those parents, and the facilitators of this murderous trade that goes on every day in this country without even a slight hiccup from the news media.

America is losing her soul.