Catholics for Choice Tweets Failure of Abstinence

May 4, 2018 09:00 AM

In the daily monitoring of ridiculous social media content provided by Planned Parenthood, one can easily overlook the equally goofy drivel provided by its allies in the advancement of child-killing policies. 

Take Catholics for Choice, for instance. This heretical group condemned by the US Catholic Conference wants uneducated Catholics to believe abortion and birth control are acceptable and moral choices as long as your badly misinformed conscience tells you they are. (For a deeper analysis of CFC, see “Catholics for a Free Choice Exposed” by Brian Clowes, PhD.) This group isn’t guided by Catholic teaching. It’s guided by leftist dollars of the population control persuasion. It views the Church as it wishes it to be—a democratic institution where the majority vote sets policy, rather than what Jesus created it for. CFC doesn’t see our Holy Mother Church guided by the Holy Spirit. It only sees “the hierarchy.”

Obsessed with birth control?  Someone is projecting.  You’ll find more pixels spent on birth control on Catholics for Choice’s website than you will on the Vatican’s. And the fact that a pope adhered to the natural law rather than be swayed by the consensus should tell you something. Democracy is irrelevant when interpreting the moral law.


​All of CFC’s emphasis on conscience raises an important question that CFC likely has no answer to: What is the nature of demonic influence on an individual? After all, people can be governed by evil if they are spiritually weak. So how does one discern whether a decision regarding any act is “in good faith” or is of the devil? Does the embezzler act in good conscience when he takes $100k from his company for his kid to go to an overpriced college? Someone with a genuine fear of dogs might be acting in good conscience when he kicks a puppy in the face.

What say you, Blue Disney fairy? 



Finally there’s this beauty:


Don’t hurt yourself trying to make any sense of this tweet. It’s futile. 

For starters, abstinence is a conscience decision to NOT have or do something. So if one fails in NOT doing a particular thing, then ultimately the person chose not to abstain. The failure isn’t the abstinence. The person is. It’s sensible to abstain from kicking puppies, but if you kick one over the goal post you’re not really abstaining.

See, this image makes no sense. It’s saying your choice to not do something has a high risk of you actually doing it.


Notice the couple in the image has been caught in a precoital embrace. This is what properly-formed conscience Catholics call the near occasion of sin. Part of a commitment in abstaining from an activity is avoiding situations that put you at risk of doing THAT activity. If you’re abstaining from chocolate, then having a heaping bowl of M&Ms on your desk might be a stupid thing to do. If you’re committed to keeping sex within the covenant of marriage as God designed it, then getting horizontal on the couch with the lights off isn’t exactly the path to holiness. Catholics for Choice is attempting to lecture us on abstinence with a picture of a couple who has already failed to abstain.

If a practicing, faithful Catholic stands outside an abortion facility and guides mothers away from killing her children because her conscience tells her to, is Catholics for Choice for her? Not at all. These “choice” groups are only for abortion and contraception, never for the consciences that seek to rid the world of them.

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