Catholic In Name Only

While reading one of the hundreds of post-election commentaries masquearding as news stories I came upon a coment from a Missouri voter that really put the entire election into perspective.

The voter, a Catholic from Jefferson City, Missouri, told a reporter why she voted for human embryonic stem cell research/human cloning. She said "I've had several family members that have had debilitating illnesses It goes against my church, but to eliminiate pain in my life, I thought it was worth it."

Well, well. A Catholic with nary a clue about what the Church teaching she went against actually means. Perhaps she does not know that killing embryonic babies is a sin, though every bishop in Missouri said so time and time again prior to the vote on Amendment 2.

Perhaps she really believes that if "it's all about me," then it's OK with God, because He never really meant to issue ten commandments, but merely ten suggestions.

This single comment puts the election results in the proper light. Self-centered, self-absorbed, self-focused … too many people in our land who have forgotten that following Christ is a lot more important than feebly hoping to eliminate pain in one's life.

I think eternal pain is going to be much more intolerable.