Catholic Detractors Cannot Derail Truth

Many foolish statements have been made over the past several days. What is curious is that the statements are being made by or about Catholics who have an obvious affection for misrepresentations, deceptions and assorted flagrant flirtations with all things consistently offensive to Christ and His Church.

For example, the infamous Catholic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, recently remarked to Nancy Reagan upon the unveiling of a statue of the late president, Ronald Reagan, "Your support for stem cell research has made a significant difference in the lives of many American people. It has saved lives. It has found cures. It has given hope to people."

But as the facts will expose to anyone with the ability to read, human embryonic stem cell research has produced not a single positive result. The only success in the field has come about because of the work being done with non-embryonic stem cells.

Then there’s the comment recently made by Catholic moral theologian and world-famous Catholic dissident, Professor Daniel Maguire, who opined regarding the murder of abortionist George Tiller:

It has become American policy to use torture, bombing, and killing to achieve our ends. George Tiller believed that women must be able to exercise their legal and constitutional right to abortion in problem pregnancies. For honoring the law of the land, he and his family and medical staff were for years tortured, even bombed, and [sic] now he is now killed. He is not the first doctor to so die and unless we get serious about this form of terrorism, he will not be the last. Religious and political leaders who fan the flames of anti-choice, anti-woman fanaticism are not without guilt.

Pardon me, but exactly who is the fanatic? My opinion is that it is Maguire. He has apparently never met a fact he could welcome and appreciate. Since when does a Catholic theologian argue that killing a child in the womb is a “constitutional right?” He ought to know that any manmade law that contradicts God’s law is in fact an unjust law and must be exposed as such. Is he actually suggesting, as many equally disingenuous political types have, that pro-life Americans must be tarred with the same brush used to paint the sordid portrait of the deranged man who acted alone and did in fact commit the act of murdering George Tiller?

It is very difficult for me to understand how Maguire retains his tenure at a Catholic university, not to mention how he has been able to avoid public excommunication from the Catholic Church. His form of theology has gotten the Catholic Church into so many difficulties over the past many years and continues to go uncorrected by even the highest officials in the Catholic Church.

This brings me to another dissident by the name of Miguel Diaz. When President Barack Obama nominated Diaz to be his ambassador to the Vatican, many of us groaned in dismay, hoping that the Vatican would once again say no. But it is with the deepest regret that we report quite the contrary result. Recently apostolic nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, commented that Diaz is, "an excellent choice because he knows very well the United States and because of his background in the Catholic Church."

Catholic News verified, “Diaz served as a member of Obama's Catholic advisory team during the campaign and was a regular campaign spokesman on Obama's behalf, particularly in the Spanish-language press.”

It is mind boggling to consider the actual fact that Vatican officials are looking the other way, ignoring the Obama fetish for abortion on demand and pandering to Hispanic Americans who have received a nod from Obama without regard for the treachery such people have and will undoubtedly continue to cause! The very fact that Diaz served as a theological advisor to the social justice organization, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, should have disqualified him in the eyes of any right-thinking, faithful Catholic, regardless of the politics.

And while I’m speaking of CACG, it should be noted that Alexia Kelley, who was CACG’s executive director and a huge Obama supporter, has just been chosen to become director of the Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in pro-abortion Catholic Kathleen Sebelius’ Department of Health and Human Services.

As Catholic News Agency reports, Kelley along with her ally Kris Korzen:

[S]upported controversial political decisions and appointments made by the Obama administration, including the suspension of the Mexico City Policy and the decision to allow federally-funded [sic] embryonic stem cell research. Kelley and Korzen lent their support despite both measures drawing criticism from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

To continue presenting the diagram of dissent being carefully drafted by President Obama who is no friend to real Catholics, we come to Harry Knox, a very controversial individual, who is not a Catholic, but has made it his personal mission to attack Catholics and the Church whenever he gets the chance. 

The White House spokesman has said that President Obama is “comfortable” with the makeup of his faith-based advisory council despite protests alleging anti-Catholic bigotry from one appointee who characterized Pope Benedict as a “discredited leader” and called the Knights of Columbus “foot soldiers” in an “army of oppression.”

Harry Knox, the controversial appointee, is a former licensed minister of the United Methodist Church and a leader with the homosexual activist group Human Rights Council.

Before being appointed to the president’s advisory council on faith-based partnerships, Knox had attacked Pope Benedict and some Catholic bishops as "discredited leaders" because of their opposition to same-sex "marriage."

Finally, we come to the legal professor who turned a blind eye to Catholic teaching so that he too could become an advisor to President Obama, Douglas Kmiec. He recently participated in a debate with astute, learned Princeton Professor Robert George. Apparently, the debate between Kmiec and George caught Jill Stanek’s attention because she personally attended the debate. After the event, Stanek explained in her blog what occurred. Because Kmiec made unfavorable comments about her to the infamously left-leaning National Catholic Reporter, Stanek followed up on a brief discussion she had had with Kmiec with an e-mail, which states in part:

You also stated, "[T]here isn't a county recorder in the country who would record a live birth" of a "temporarily alive" child. In fact, the State of IL, and I'm sure many more, requires that ALL babies born alive, no matter what gestational age and no matter how fleeting their lives (even with transient heartbeats), be issued legal birth certificates. To subjectively determine which live born babies receive birth certificates would introduce chaos into IL law.

By your definition, very premature babies whose lives are fleeting are not legal persons. If this were true, bashing them over the head to expedite the end of their "temporarily alive" status would be legal, would it not?

I look forward to your thoughts on the information I am presenting you, Professor Kmiec.

My guess is that Kmiec will not respond to Stanek because he is all wrapped up in his personal Obamaland cocoon and is no longer feeling accountable to anyone who challenges his inane contradictions to common sense. After all, this is the dissident Catholic law professor who recently chided the American bishops who have refused to give holy communion to pro-abortion Catholics, claiming that their action in defense of Christ in the Eucharist was “not taking the ‘Catholic’ approach!

My guess is Kmiec’s version of Catholic would not be discernable to any of us who actually love our faith, our Church and Christ’s truth.

If this set of snippets from the past week creates the impression that it’s old home week in the White House for the detractors of valid Catholic teaching then you have a very good grasp of the current situation on Obamaland.

But try as they may, these ludicrous lightweights in matters Catholic cannot derail the fullness of truth that is indeed Catholic teaching.