primary care

Primary Care at Planned Parenthood

By Jim Sedlak Over the last few years, Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country have been adding primary care to a few of its facilities. It appears this is an effort to seem to be more like the Federally Qualified Health Centers that provide a full range of health services—but recognize that killing preborn children […]

Three Ways to Spread the Culture of Life in Your Neighborhood

Teaching your kids about the sanctity of every human being’s life is fun and rewarding.

The St. Joseph Challenge

This commentary originally appeared on March 20, 2018, and is being reprinted as part of the Best of 2018 series. By Judie Brown Advocates of abortion consistently focus on the liberal/feminist narrative that it is a “woman’s right” to decide whether or not to abort her child. Such people avoid using the words “expectant mother” […]

Seven Suggestions for Recognizing the Personhood of the Preborn

By Evelyn French In the last few decades, we have come a long way in our attitude toward expectant mothers. Only 40 years ago, mothers were expected to limit their appearance in public. If a mother was employed, her employment was terminated as soon as her pregnancy was visible. An unfortunate carry-over of our former […]

Pro-Life This Week – December 14, 2018

FIGHT PLANNED PARENTHOOD You can help save a life today! Make a difference and give light to the darkness. DONATE   Week in Review – Webcam abortions banned, Nashville PP stops abortions, Kavanaugh disappoints Both houses of the Michigan legislature have passed a bill that will, among other things, permanently ban teleconference (web-cam) abortions in the […]


Sinister Manipulation of Life

This commentary is a reprint from March 2018—part of our Best of 2018 series. By Judie Brown Studying the language and actions of those who support the direct killing of human beings, from their first spark of life at inception until their last breath, can leave a person speechless. The devious acts of those who […]