Five Inspiring Bible Verses Every Pro-Lifer Should Know

Views from the Propaganda Cesspool

By Judie Brown Unlike the community swimming pool, this cesspool is full of so much hype that it makes your head spin. Examining some of the reports versus the facts that never accompany them will give us a clear picture of why our challenge is to empty this cesspool sooner rather than later. First is […]


Legally-Protected Serial Killers

By Judie Brown We know that every abortion kills a human being created in the image and likeness of God. And we know that each of these individuals, from her biological beginning, is a unique and unrepeatable miracle. Yet even though these facts can be known to everyone regardless of faith, the majority of Americans […]


Jesus Christ Assured Us His Presence Is Real

By Judie Brown Swimming upstream in the gunk of our age, we understand that it is, at times, challenging to focus on the one gift that exceeds every other: the Holy Eucharist. As a Catholic, I find this sacrament to be a lifeline that protects from the evil of the day. Christ Himself assured us […]

The Facts about Planned Parenthood and Our Tax Dollars

By Judie Brown The media is telling us that Planned Parenthood withdrew from the government’s family planning program, known as Title X, because it did not want to comply with President Trump’s new rule. According to press reports, the problem is that, under this new regulation, abortion could not be referred elsewhere, nor could it […]

Cleaning Up Our Personal Environment

By Judie Brown The latest environmentally correct headline claims that “Contraception Is the Answer to Climate Change.” Why is that? you might ask. Well, doesn’t everyone know that human beings are the problem because, as the writer claims, there are “too many of them, and born too fast.” While this pessimistic gibberish has been around […]

The World Offers Death

By Judie Brown Watching my fellow human beings grow increasingly indifferent to violence and pain is difficult to observe. But where there is a human challenge of this magnitude, my gut tells me there is also a solution. Abortion, for example, is the deadliest assault on innocent human beings in the history of mankind. More […]