Remembering Nellie J. Gray and the Personhood Principle

Life and Love Can Save America

By Judie Brown Saving our nation was the topic of an essay that Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. CAP, wrote more than 10 years ago. Today, as we confront the many enemies of life, love, and family, it would serve us well to contemplate these words: Because the Bread of Life and Love is inseparable from […]

Whose Hand?

By Judie Brown Today we are told to wash our hands often in order to keep our hands free of possible contaminants. We have been told this many times during the course of our lives, more often perhaps when we were children. Sadly, a physical washing cannot clean some hands from all that contaminates them. […]

Our Pro-Life Jeremiad

By Judie Brown Jeremiad: “a prolonged lamentation or complaint” In the context of Jeremiah’s repeated requests to the people of Israel that they repent, the word “jeremiad” cannot really be described as a complaint, but rather a plea. In an inspiring homily that Fr. Steve Grunow delivered during the Word on Fire Mass for Saturday, March 28, […]

Science v. Ideology

By Judie Brown The pro-abortion’s headline states: “With the Safety of Abortion at Stake, the Supreme Court Could Rule against Science.” The deceit underlying this article, written by a doctor of public health, is summed up in this paragraph: Admitting privilege laws are among the slate of restrictions commonly known as TRAP laws, or […]

‘Assist Us to Live, Not Die’

By Judie Brown “Assist Us to Live, Not Die” is what a poster reads in a recent demonstration against assisted suicide. If this sounds like an overstatement, stay tuned. The situation in the world of euthanasia advocates right now is not only disturbing but deadly. Across the world, proponents of assisted suicide are gaining ground. […]

Murder as Essential Healthcare

By Judie Brown A couple of days ago we saw the headline “U.S. Hospitals, Patients Cancel Elective Surgery as Coronavirus Spreads.” An elective procedure is a surgical intervention on a patient who is not experiencing an emergency. In times of crisis, such procedures can—and often must—be postponed. Medical professionals today are needed to assist in […]