The Abortion Rights Crowd Unhinged

Building a Culture of Life School Curriculum

Building a Culture of Life School Curriculum: Interview with Educator Rosemary Circo

As the Culture of Life Program coordinator for Saint Bruno Catholic School in Whittier, CA, Mrs. Rosemary Circo works with her school to include pro-life education, facing the challenges and successes that come with building a culture of life.

Pro-Aborts Hysterical in Alabama

By Judie Brown Alabaman Ryan Magers and his attorneys have done something groundbreaking in defense of babies killed by abortion. Magers is the father of a preborn child whose mother killed him—despite Magers’ vehement objections—by a medication abortion in 2017. The preborn child was in his sixth week of gestational development. Last week, “Madison County […]

Love That Overcomes

By Mark Davis Pickup I wrote a film script I called Journey Toward Love. It chronicles the odyssey of love that my wife, LaRee, and I have experienced covering half a century in our journey toward the radical love of God. It is a radical love because it involves faith and surrender, and love of neighbor, even if […]


We Will Be Victorious!

By Judie Brown In words that still resound throughout our pro-life communities, Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD once said: We are joined together by our common belief that the sanctity of life must be the foundation of our Democratic society. And we will call upon the representatives of a free press to please give us a fair hearing. […]

Pro-Life This Week – March 8, 2019

  Week in Review – Personhood in Alabama; Protect Life Rule; Exception Legislation In last year’s (2018) election, the citizens of Alabama were asked to approve a new amendment to the state constitution. The wording of the amendment was: PROPOSED AMENDMENT: (a) This state acknowledges, declares, and affirms that it is the public policy of this […]

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Planned Parenthood and the New Title X Rules

By Jim Sedlak On Monday, March 4, 2019, the Department of Health and Human Services published the final rules dealing with the Title X family planning program. Planned Parenthood receives about $60 million a year in Title X money and must follow these rules in order to keep receiving the funds. The basic requirements of […]