The Three Percent Serial Killer

The largest abortion business in the country is in trouble. But we must continue our efforts to destroy this organization so that not even one baby loses his life at the hands of these butchers.


Planned Parenthood: A Vile Rot

As more and more people come to understand the despicable nature of Planned Parenthood, and as more clinics close, we have to ask: Why are our taxes still paying for this organization?


Hatred for Life Is a Toxic Pathology

What and who influence you and your family? How can we make sure that those who are toxic do not destroy souls?


Is Murder Right or Wrong?

Educating our children about the sanctity of all of God’s children is imperative in today’s society. ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program helps you shine light in our dark world.


Curing Poverty by Aborting Babies

Poverty encompasses much more than mere economic status. Our country is facing a spiritual poverty that only love of Christ and His children can help us overcome.