Hillary Clinton: The Nominee


The Voice of the Unspoken

By RyLee Dittamore, grade 7 Abortion is very near to my heart, especially because my younger sister died when she was a baby. Although she was not aborted, to this day we are not sure why she died. God decided to take my sister before she was born. Her life was lived for Him and […]

Over 400 Years and Counting!

By Susan Ciancio “Whoever cares for the poor lends to the Lord, who will pay back the sum in full.” – Proverbs 19:17 September 27 is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul. According to Catholic Online: “He infused a ‘Christian spirit among more than 20,000 persons in his last 23 years.’” Talk about building […]

Cowards and Spin Doctors vs. Square Shooters

By Judie Brown A square shooter, unlike a coward or a spin doctor, stands up for and defends truth; he/she is honest and just. This might sound obvious, but in today’s world it cannot be restated often enough. Why is that, you might ask? Well, how about the splash of headlines that told the nation […]

Pro-Life This Week – September 27, 2019

Week in Review – CMP update; local taxpayer funding of PP; and HALO The judge in the criminal case against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt has set a court date of October 18 for him to announce the results of the preliminary hearings held over the last few weeks. Please continue to pray that the […]

Guttmacher Releases New Abortion Numbers—Does This Mean Anything?

By Jim Sedlak This week, the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute released its latest numbers on how many surgical and medical abortions occur yearly in the United States. It estimates that 862,320 medical and surgical abortions took place in 2017. This works out, of course, to 71,860 a month, 16,583 a week, 2,363 a day, 98 an hour, and five babies […]

‘Gender-Neutral’ Dolls Coming to a Store Near You

By Susan Ciancio Mattel has jumped on the “gender-neutral” bandwagon and will soon be attempting to influence your children with its new line of gender-neutral dolls, slated to hit the market today. According to Time: The doll can be a boy, a girl, neither or both, and Mattel, which calls this the world’s first gender-neutral […]