Catholics and Abortion

A Triduum Reflection

By Susan Ciancio Fr. Mike Schmitz recently said that “there’s no greater life that can possibly be lived than the life as a Catholic Christian.” And in the life of a Catholic Christian, there’s no more sorrowful nor more joyous a week than Holy Week. As we approach the Triduum, let us spend time each […]

Dear Joe, Just Go!

By Judie Brown The president of the United States and members of his team consistently claim that he is a devout Catholic. But anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of Catholic teaching on abortion knows this is a lie. One cannot be pro killing babies and, at the same time, claim to be Catholic. Perhaps […]

What to Cancel

By Fr. Jim Chern Last week, two newspapers from completely opposite coasts – literally and figuratively – both published opinion pieces on what is called “Cancel Culture.” “Cancel culture” is when businesses or individuals find themselves experiencing boycotts for having said or done something deemed to be questionable. And it seems to be growing more […]

Pro-Life This Week – March 26, 2021

Week in Review – New Teen Pregnancy/Abortion Data; John Paul II and “Brain Death” The Guttmacher Institute, a research arm of the pro-abortion community, released a report this month called Pregnancies, Births and Abortions in the United States, 1973–2017: National and State Trends by Age. Pro-lifers are aware of the declining annual number of abortions in […]

Canceling Matrimony

By Judie Brown Mary Kizior writes: The sanctity of marriage is under attack in our society. Your children have grown up in a culture in which marriage and family are portrayed as unimportant. Many students today will already know the pain of divorce—either in their own family or in the family of a friend. As Saint […]

Planned Parenthood to Receive Millions from COVID Bill

By Jim Sedlak The US Congress passed, and the president signed into law, the latest “COVID Relief Bill” last week. Officially known as the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” (H.R.1319), the $1.9 trillion spending bill is full of expenditures that have nothing to do with the COVID virus or its aftereffects. Section 2605 of […]