Mother’s Day Is Not Always a Good Day

The Ginsburg Principle

By Judie Brown Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, but the legacy that she leaves behind will not die. She is described as a feminist icon whose uncompromising support for abortion rights, homosexual rights, and other leftist cultural goals made her a hero for many. In a dissenting opinion on the Box v. […]

Carr Was Wrong When He Wrote the First Document on Catholics and Voting

If we can’t defend the right to life, how from what high ground can we claim justice for any other moral question?

CLM Book Review: ‘This Is Your Brain on Birth Control’

By Susan Ciancio The subtitle of this book, “The surprising science of women, hormones, and the law of unintended consequences,” is a perfect description of what you will find inside. For years, I have been aware of the harmful effects—physical, psychological, and moral—of the birth control pill, so I was excited to read this book […]

Pro-Life This Week – September 18, 2020

Week in Review – Beware of a new film released on HBO MAX this week This week, with the release of the film, UNPREGNANT, on HBO MAX, the pro-abortion forces in the United States have become more brazen and more outspoken in their support of the killing of preborn children and the lifestyles that lead […]

Dr. James Dobson Sounds a Moral Alarm Against the Legislative Death March of 2020

By Dr. James Dobson Nothing grieves me more than knowing our nation has legalized the massacre of more than 60 million babies. In some states, elected officials are now seeking to legalize the nefarious acts of infanticide and euthanasia. We destroy our most vulnerable through abortion and euthanasia, and we compel our healthcare professionals to […]

Speaking Truth Crushes Evil

By Judie Brown Fr. James Altman, pastor of St. James the Less in La Crosse, Wisconsin, has become a national hero to many. He has even been called the modern Elijah. Catholics who have heard his 10-minute homily entitled “You Cannot Be Catholic and a Democrat. Period” are elated with his words of truth, not […]