David Daleiden Persecuted for Unmasking Planned Parenthood

A False Prophet Named Pelosi

By Judie Brown Former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is a walking contradiction in terms on so many levels. But for my purposes it would be best to concentrate on her self-identification as a Catholic coupled with her lack of comprehension on matters related to respect for the sanctity of every human being from […]

Where There Is No Truth!

By Judie Brown In a 2015 sermon, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said: “Today the idea of truth and that of intolerance are almost completely fused, and so we no longer dare to believe in the truth or to speak of the truth.” One would think the Holy Father was speaking about the culture of death! […]

Mother’s Day Is Not Always a Good Day

By Judie Brown As a mother and a grandmother it grieves me to say this, but like many other pro-life moms I know that, for some mothers, this Sunday may be an extremely difficult day. Why? Well, the simple answer is that far too many moms have chosen to become the mother of a dead […]

Irish Pro-Lifers Work to Save the Eighth!

By Judie Brown Ireland’s Life Institute is leading the charge to “Save the 8th”—a phrase that refers to the attempt to save the eighth amendment to the Irish Constitution, which guarantees the right to life of both the mother and the child. The head of this organization is Niamh Ui Bhriain—a shining example of the […]

The Supreme Gift of Children

By Judie Brown Pope Paul VI wrote in Humanae Vitae that “children are really the supreme gift of marriage and contribute in the highest degree to their parents’ welfare.” Expanding on this remarkable pro-life, pro-family insight, Professor Janet Smith asks that if Christians believe they’re raising souls to live in eternity with God, “why wouldn’t […]

Cecile Richards and the Honor of Defending Cruelty

By Judie Brown Upon officially leaving the presidency of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards wrote in her goodbye fundraising appeal: “I am filled with emotion. . . . For the last 12 years, I have been honored to stand by your side to fight for reproductive health and rights.” Her words immediately reminded me of the Scribes and […]