Fighting for Every Baby Every Time

US Doctors Vote to Oppose Assisted Suicide

By Frederick White The American Medical Association has quashed a bid to adopt “neutrality.” An AMA delegate explains why. In a move which has global repercussions, the American Medical Association has voted to reaffirm its opposition to physician-assisted suicide. The AMA’s official position is that legalized assisted suicide is contrary to the physician’s role as healer, […]

Pro-Life This Week – Jun 21, 2019

Week in Review – Lifesaving surgery and appeals-court victory On Wednesday of this week, the Cleveland Clinic announced the successful surgery and birth of the first baby that underwent in-utero spina bifida repair surgery at the clinic. At the time of the surgery, the baby girl was nearly 23 weeks old. She was born at […]

The ‘Nones’ Need Christ, Not Sorrow and Death

By Judie Brown Somehow in the depths of our being we all know the sorrow that Jonathon Van Maren wrote about a few days ago when he told us: “Abortion does not only end the lives of children. It often coarsens and hardens those who make that choice, the blood of the innocents scabbing over […]

Planned Parenthood Receiving Taxpayer Funding in North Dakota

By Jim Sedlak Planned Parenthood does not have a medical facility in North Dakota. Planned Parenthood has never had a medical facility in North Dakota. Yet, it has found a way to spread its message endorsing uninhibited sex and receive significant taxpayer funding through North Dakota State University. Planned Parenthood does operate its North Dakota […]

Keep Your Summer Full of Life

By Susan Ciancio With summer here and in full swing, we parents may actually get to enjoy some of the lazy days of summer along with our kids. Whether we homeschool or send our kids to school, whether we work in the house or out, we have new and different opportunities for connecting with our […]

Bishops, Dead Babies, and Lost Souls

By Judie Brown Bishop Joseph Strickland spoke up at the mid-year meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Strickland’s remarks, as seen on video, were humble but clear. He pointed out that consistently defending life from beginning to end is the best way to call Catholics—especially Catholic politicians—to faithful citizenship. Strickland beseeched his […]