The Real Presence

A Celebration of Family

By Judie Brown In these times of raging challenges to the family unit, including the most innocent among us—our preborn brothers and sisters—we are called to celebrate the family. The twisted attitudes and messaging of the media, our broken school system, and our government are filled with deception and often fill us with dread. We […]

Fighting Planned Parenthood with Matthew

By Jim Sedlak In a recent issue of the Wednesday STOPP Report, we spent time on the religion of Planned Parenthood—Humanism. We recommended you read the Humanist Manifesto II to get a clear understanding of the underpinnings of Planned Parenthood. If you have read that document, you now understand that Planned Parenthood stands in opposition […]

The Love of St. Teresa of Calcutta

By Susan Ciancio This weekend, we will celebrate the feast day of a woman who spent her life caring for the poorest of the poor. Born Gonxha Agnes, she joined the Sisters of Loreto at the age of 18, where she took the name Sister Mary Teresa. Upon taking her final vows, she was called […]

A Manifestation of Wooden Men

By Judie Brown In an insightful lecture on G.K. Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man, Dale Ahlquist writes: If we study any civilization, we see that after progress, comes decay. Chesterton says men do not grow tired of evil, but of good. They become weary of joy. They stop worshipping God and start worshipping idols, their own […]

I Cannot Bring My Mother Back, But I’ll Use What I Learned to Advocate for Others

By Caroline L. On May 1, 2021, my mother, Margaret, passed away from massive internal hemorrhaging. Although she was 84 years old, her death was unexpected in the context of her medical history and overall health. I am left to come to terms with the fact that Mom is gone and to try making sense of […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 27, 2021

Week in Review – What a Week! Where Do We Start? As August rolls to an end, we hope many of you have taken the time to talk with your US senators and let them know the importance of keeping in the budget bills a prohibition on taxpayer funding of abortion. We clearly do not […]