Palliative Care: Pain Relief or Imposed Death?

Is Rational Suicide for Real?

By Judie Brown Yes, it is. In fact, rational suicide has become a hot topic among seniors! That sounds pretty ominous to me, but according to at least one news article, rational suicide is a subject quite a few senior citizens take seriously. According to the story, many elderly people have been pondering this question: […]

Protecting Your Kids

By Susan Ciancio Our world is saturated and infatuated with sex. We see scantily-clad women on billboards and on TV advertisements. We see ads on TV for birth control pills, for IUDs, and for the little blue pill for men. We hear about sex in song lyrics, in jokes on TV, and in the news. […]

Join Us in Praying to Close Missouri’s Last Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill

The battle has been long. The state of Missouri is hours away from becoming the first state in America since 1974 to have ZERO surgical or medical abortion clinics! ALL has worked with many of the state’s leaders over the last 40 YEARS, building to this moment. But your prayers are urgently needed! The abortion monster Planned Parenthood […]

Celebrating Differences

In a culture of life, we seek to protect all people, without regard to their physical appearance, mental capability, or socioeconomic background.

Red-Pilled Bishops, Truth, and Homosexuality

By Judie Brown Pope Paul VI’s prophetic encyclical Humanae Vitae teaches about the negative effects of artificial methods of birth control, explaining that its use “could open wide the way for marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards.” This “general lowering of moral standards” concerns us greatly. Today we can see that the […]

US Doctors Vote to Oppose Assisted Suicide

By Frederick White The American Medical Association has quashed a bid to adopt “neutrality.” An AMA delegate explains why. In a move which has global repercussions, the American Medical Association has voted to reaffirm its opposition to physician-assisted suicide. The AMA’s official position is that legalized assisted suicide is contrary to the physician’s role as healer, […]