Freezing Children and Other Crimes against Humanity

Why I Am Pro-Life

Louisa won first place in Category 1 of the Culture of Life Studies Program’s Pro-Life Essay Contest. Read her winning essay below. By Louisa Burke, grade 4 Before I was born, the doctors thought maybe I would not be able to walk. My parents prayed, but they knew they would keep me and love me […]

Pro-Life This Week – February 8, 2019

FIGHT PLANNED PARENTHOOD You can help save a life today! Make a difference and give light to the darkness. DONATE   Week in Review – Trump’s SOTU address, more states killing babies, Valentine’s Day The absolute highlight of this week has to be President Trump addressing head-on the pro-life battle going on in this nation […]

Legitimizing Infanticide in America

By Judie Brown In news that angered and disgusted countless people throughout the state and the country, Virginia’s controversial governor, Ralph Northam, discussed and defended the state’s proposed late-term abortion bill prior to its defeat. According to Salon: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, expressed support for the bill and spoke about his belief that politicians […]

Planned Parenthood and Northam: Blackface v. Genocide

By Jim Sedlak Planned Parenthood is known for its demented values, but there were some happenings here in Virginia this week that just brought its core values into focus. Virginia delegate Kathy Tran made national news when she introduced a bill in the Virginia legislature that would have struck down all laws against abortion in the […]

Five Pro-Life Films for Families with Teens

The Culture of Life Studies Program continually looks for new ways to bring you the culture of life. While some popular media do not support a culture of life, it is important to recognize the films that do show the value of human life. As children grow older, we must teach them discernment when it […]