Trump: The Facts and the Bitter Pill

CNN Lied (Again)

For Immediate Release Fredericksburg, VA (August 21, 2019) – American Life League president, Judie Brown, issued the following statement today following a false CNN article: Often called the FAKE NEWS NETWORK of record, CNN has done it again. CNN writes: “The biggest anti-abortion groups in the United States—National Right to Life, the American Life League, and […]


The Pro-Life Movement’s Secret Weapon

By Mary Kizior The pro-life movement has a secret weapon and it’s not what you think. Over the last couple of decades, abortion mills have closed at a rapid rate. This past spring alone, STOPP International reported that 10 Planned Parenthood abortion mills closed in four days. Planned Parenthood’s doors are closing, and closing quickly—all thanks to […]

Planned Parenthood Out of Title X Program. Thank You, Mr. President.

By Jim Sedlak After decades of rhetoric and unfulfilled promises by prior administrations, on Monday of this week the Trump administration got Planned Parenthood to drop out of the Title X program. Title X is a $287 million federal family planning program, begun in 1970, that was providing Planned Parenthood with approximately $60 million a […]

Alyssa Milano Shares Abortion Stories

By Katie Brown Alyssa Milano, a self-proclaimed abortion activist, recently shared in her Sorry Not Sorry podcast that she had two abortions in 1993. The actress has been particularly vocal against the abortion restriction laws that were passed earlier this year. Not only did she agree to boycott filming in the state of Georgia, she […]

The Defunding of Planned Parenthood

WSJ: Planned Parenthood at 52% Approval Rating; 27% Opposed

This week’s Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows a bit of movement in the national polls against the political left in this country, which shouldn’t surprise a soul given the riots in Portland and other assorted bad behavior. Yet in a poll mostly focused around gun control and President Trump, it managed to squeeze in […]

Deceivers, Cowards, and Murderers

By Hugh Brown For the last 50 years we’ve listened to people say that they are personally opposed to abortion, but they would never force their “view” on others. If a woman wants to have an abortion, so be it. “Who am I to judge?” they say. This deception has cost millions of human beings […]