Pro-Life Lessons from Mother Teresa

Celebrating Differences

In a culture of life, we seek to protect all people, without regard to their physical appearance, mental capability, or socioeconomic background.

Protect the Four-Legged, Not the Two

By Judie Brown My goodness, how the headlines have changed over the past many years! It seems that America has become obsessed with protecting animals from abuse, while the act of euthanasia as a way of dealing with ailing human beings has grown in popularity. In Polk County, Florida, animal lovers were recently invited to […]

Grief from Which We Don’t Recover; Love That Never Dies

By Mark Davis Pickup There is such a thing as a grief from which we never truly recover. There are loves that never die. I have experienced both. It was exactly 50 years ago my father died. He was part of that generation broadcaster Tom Brokaw called the “greatest generation.” They were raised during the Great […]

Protection for Every Baby—Preborn and Born

By Judie Brown When March for Life Action (MFLA), a sister organization of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund, released its statement in preparation for today’s March, it was a bit concerning. The statement reflects a popular theme. That is that the polling of America should set our pro-life goals, and to my […]

Suffering Helps Build a Culture of Life

By Susan Ciancio [Yesterday was] the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade—the Supreme Court case that decriminalized abortion in the United States. It’s a somber day, yet when we see the thousands upon thousands of people marching in the March for Life [tomorrow], we have reason to hope. We have hope for the enlightenment of darkened hearts. […]

Where Does Human Life Begin?

By Catherine Daub We recently had the awesome opportunity to communicate with teens across the country and hear about their pro-life beliefs. Surprisingly, many of them—although 100% pro-life in their hearts—had no idea how to properly communicate this message. We heard things like “human life begins in the womb” or “life should be protected from […]