Cardinal Mahony’s reprimand

It is with a certain amount of surprise that I noted Cardinal Roger Mahony’s strong rebuke of California House Speaker Fabian Nunez. While Nunez claims to be Catholic he is also the chief architect of the proposed physician assisted suicide bill currently being debated in the California legislature.

While I commend Cardinal Mahony for making it clear that that “assisted suicide is against God law,” we hope that his words translate into further action as Nunez has thus far been defiant. According to press reports Nunez’s spokesman claimed that “this is another issue of individual choice where the overwhelming majority of Catholics have a different perspective than the official position of the Church.”

This is pure rubbish! The infallible teachings of the Church are not up for debate; a majority of Catholics cannot ever change an immutable truth. It is my fervent prayer that Cardinal Mahony and his fellow California Bishops do not permit such scandalous comments to go unanswered.